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About Zettlr For MAC

Zetlr can be used as a reliable companion to write scientific texts and take notes. It is designed for academics in the humanities, arts, and sciences. It is meant to be independent of your design but close to the notes that you take. Zettlr has several key features to achieve this goal:

  • File-agnostic editing. Zettlr doesn't store any information about files other than what is in your files. You can switch between Zettlr and other services by doing this. Each file that you see in the preview pane corresponds with a file on your hard disk. There are no extras that could make it difficult for other editors to use your files.
  • Zettelkasten Methods directly implemented into the app. @ID:ID]], give IDs by typing @ID:Your-ID-Here and tag your files using Twitter-like hashtags: #hashtag. Clicking on links and holding down the Alt_-key will open exact-match files, and initiate searches. Alt-clicks will only initiate searches. More features are expected to be added.
  • A directory listing. This list contains all files and directories that are open. To open new directories, press Cmd/Ctrl+O. You can open new files by simply double-clicking them in your file browser, or by dragging them onto this app. All previously opened paths will be reloaded every time you open the app.
  • A preview pane which lists all files in the current directory and separates them according to their subdirectories. To open a file, click on it.
  • ... The editor takes up the most space and is what makes Zetlr an editor. You can write Markdown files in the area. This is a compact text format that keeps formatting to an absolute minimum.
  • Export options. Zetlr, an open-source software pandoc, and LaTeX allows you to export files in a variety formats, including HTML, DOCX and ODT. Simply open a file, and press Cmd/Ctrl+E.
  • Search. Zettlr allows you to quickly search your files to find what your looking for. This is a far better option than storing all your information in multiple word documents that you would have to open and search.
  • A toolbar that contains all functions in a handy button-form.

The software is free but it is donationware. To support development, please consider donating.

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Whats New

Version 1.8.9:

This is a hotfix that fixes a potentially severe security-issue, reported to us by the Japanese cybersecurity organisation JPCERT. It was reported that due to insecure iFrame handling on our side, malicious actors could take over users' computers using specially crafted iFrame-embed codes or Markdown-documents containing such an iFrame.

This release closes this vulnerability. Specifically, the following precautions were taken:

  • Now, whenever Zettlr renders an iFrame, it will omit all attributes except src -- in the security disclosure, the attribute srcdoc has been used to maliciously access the test system. While this means that certain features are not supported during preview (e.g., allowfullscreen), remember that the attributes will still be exported so that in HTML exports, they will work.
  • We have added a global whitelist that by default only contains the hostnames of YouTube and Vimeo players so that those embeds work out of the box. For all other hostnames, rendering of iFrames will be blocked by default. Instead, you will be presented with a warning and be asked whether or not you want to render content from the given hostname. You can then choose to render it once, or permanently add the named hostname to the whitelist.