Xbox 360 Controller Driver for MAC

v 0.16.11
Category  System Utilities

About Xbox 360 Controller Driver For MAC

Xbox 360 Controller driver is a driver for the Microsoft Xbox series controllers, including:

  • Original Xbox
    • A USB adapter can be used to support original Xbox controllers.
  • Xbox 360
    • Direct support is available for wired Xbox 360 controllers
    • Kernel panics can be caused by Wireless Xbox 360 controller support in macOS 10.11. This issue is not fixable by minor changes to the driver. It requires that the driver be rewritten from scratch in order to resolve the problem. We have disabled Wireless Xbox 360 controller support since 0.16.6. To use a wireless controller, download version 0.16.5 or later. Disable the driver before the computer enters sleep mode to prevent kernel panics. To avoid this problem, you can also revert to an earlier macOS version.
  • Xbox One
    • Xbox One controllers can be connected to a micro USB cable. The Wireless Adapter is not supported at the moment.
    • Bluetooth-capable Xbox One controllers released after August 2016 are supported by macOS natively without the need for this driver. This driver will allow you use the controller via USB.

    Developers have access to both the LEDs and force feedback of the controllers through the driver. A preference pane is also available to allow users to configure their controllers and verify that the driver was properly installed.

    All devices that are compatible with an Xbox series piece hardware include controller support. All wheels, fight sticks, controllers, and other hardware should work. This includes controllers such as the Xbox One Elite controller. We cannot support hardware that is not compatible with an Xbox console. Sorry.

    Note: This is an improved fork TatieBogle’s Xbox 360 Controller

Download Xbox 360 Controller Driver For MAC

Whats New

Version 0.16.11:

  • There are a couple new devices added in this release
  • Make sure to allow access to the developer in System Preferences > Security & Privacy