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v 7.2.0
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WordPress.com mac screenshot NaNWordPress.com mac screenshot NaNWordPress.com mac screenshot NaNWordPress.com mac screenshot NaN

About WordPress.com For MAC

WordPress.com gives your blog a permanent place in your dock.

  • Keep your eyes on your content . - No other browser tabs can distract you from writing and designing . You can easily switch between managing WordPress sites and your favorite desktop applications.
  • Speed is a feature – The desktop app builds on WordPress.com's already fast site by bundling it all as a local copy. Fast page loads and no waiting are possible.
  • The WordPress.com desktop application can be scaled to any size. You may need a small window to keep your eyes on notifications or a full screen to enjoy zen writing. You have the option to choose.

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Whats New

Version 7.2.0:

  • Desktop: Fix social logins so they can function in the Desktop app
  • Desktop: enable dynamic feature flags for development
  • Desktop: fix magic link notice
  • Desktop: use calypso.live for desktop TeamCity e2e
  • Desktop: fix devtools, reload and zoom menu items
  • Desktop: exempt net error 27 from "failed to load" handler
  • Desktop: Add instructions when trying to login with an email link
  • Desktop: refine home button behavior
  • Update/desktop win tile icons
  • Chore: migrate desktop/app to import/order
  • Chore: migrate desktop/e2e to import/order)