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v 2.10.1
Category  Productivity

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About Word Counter For MAC

Word Counter can perform a word count and character count. However, it can do more. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other applications like TextEdit, Microsoft Word Pages, TextWrangler, TextEdit, and Microsoft Word.

Word Counter can update the count automatically based on a time interval. It can display the progress towards a goal for the total number words and characters. It can also perform bulk counts on multiple files or folders by simply dropping them onto the window. Word Counter can count how many times a word appears in a document. It can create a sortable summary of all words in a document with the number of words appearing and the length of each word. Word Counter can also calculate readability statistics using the well-known FleschKincaid readability formula, and many other methods.

Word Counter can handle many file types, including plain text (txt), rich text (rtf), rtfd), Hypertext markup Language (htm), Microsoft Word (doc), Microsoft Word XML [wordml], Apple's Web archive, the Adobe Portable Document Format, (pdf), and other. This program can be used to create a manuscript or abstract that has a limit on the number or characters that are allowed.

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Whats New

Version 2.10.1:

Note: Although Finder indicates version 0.1, the developer refers to it as version 2.10.1.

  • Added support for TexShop
  • Added support for odt and docx files
  • Better compatibility with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Ignoring minor words are now handled appropriately in the frequency counts
  • Ignoring words less than a specific length are now handled appropriatel in the frequency counts
  • Hyphenated words are now handled appropriatey in the frequency counts
  • Minor interface enhancements
  • Fixed an error where a popup dialog saying "location 09b" would sometimes appear