Wired Client for MAC

v 2.5
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Wired Client mac screenshot NaNWired Client mac screenshot NaNWired Client mac screenshot NaNWired Client mac screenshot NaN

About Wired Client For MAC

Wired client is an open-source, modern, and free version the BBS-style client/server, which provides chat, messaging, and file transfers. Wired Client is a native Mac OS X client that uses Apple's Cocoa. It is fully compatible with the Wired protocol as well as the Wired server and has an interface that is as intuitive as it is simple to use.

  • Cocoa-Based Wired Client is a native Cocoa app that can be seamlessly integrated with your favorite operating system. It features a simple user interface and makes use of the latest Apple software technologies.
  • Open Standards Wired was built using open standards and is an open standard. Developers can see the protocol specification and source code, which allows them to create their own versions, ports, or improvements.
  • Multiple connections Wired Client allows you to connect to multiple servers simultaneously through a friendly interface. Notifications and events keep you informed about what's happening.
  • Strong encryption Wired uses TLS protocol to encrypt transport. This protocol supports a wide variety of strong encryption ciphers. Wired can, for example, use the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard cipher (AES).
  • Powerful chats Wired Client allows users to join public and private chats. Chats come with advanced customization capabilities, media inclusion, and commands support.
  • Messages Wired Client allows you to send private or broadcast messages to users. This is a simple and effective way to safely communicate with your friends. Similar to chat, but user-to-user.
  • Wired Client includes file transfers support. Wired Servers allow you to browse, manage, upload and download files while enjoying a secure connection.
  • Boards boards are to Wired what forums and the World Wide Web are to you. A forum where everyone can post and respond to topics.
  • Administrate Wired Client allows you to remotely manage your Wired Server. It allows admins to securely access the server configuration and parameters.

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Whats New

Version 2.5:

  • Fix dark/light theme live switch
  • Disable manual theme selection in Preferences
  • Disable manual theme selection in Bookmarks
  • Remove /youtube command
  • Fix RSA public key size up to 2048 bits
  • Update OpenSSL cipher
  • Add SHA256/SHA512 support
  • Fix internal error at launch (Sparkle related)
  • Migrate from old version without error
  • Fix auto-update with Sparkle
  • Sign app with Developer ID