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v 3.6
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About WebDesign For MAC

WebDesign a fully-featured HTML editor and Web authoring tool, WebDesign allows you to control your Web site structure, code, and design, allowing you create fast, efficient, and compatible Web sites.

WebDesign supports HTML, XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets. It also supports Javascript, ASP. XML, VBScript, and many other Web page formats. WebDesign provides everything you need to create your Web page and ensure it works in all browsers.

  • Auto Complete and code hinting suggest possible tags, attributes, and attribute values
  • Check out document links, images and anchors, style sheets, Javascripts, style sheets, and other external files
  • Convert entire web sites to XHTML or CSS
  • Check the syntax and accessibility of your document
  • Intelligent syntax coloring for HTML and PHP, CSS, and other...
  • Live preview of your Web sites while you build them, including client/server Scripts
  • File includes allow editing of one file to modify entire site
  • Site Manager keeps your web site organized and up-to-date
  • As you type, auto conversion of HTML Entities
  • Conversion of styled text automatically to HTML, XHTML, or CSS
  • Drag & Drop tools palette
  • Bar with customizable tools
  • The attribute editor allows for easy editing of tag attributes
  • Advanced find and replace features, including multi-file searches and powerful Regular Expressions
  • Condense text into small pictures
  • Upload and download files and folders directly from your FTP server
  • Visually create Image Maps, Form Controls and other HTML elements
  • Optimize HTML Syntax
  • You can download web pages directly from the internet
  • WebDesign can be extended with plug-ins
  • The WebDesign Community offers free add-ons or enhancements

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Whats New

Version 3.6:

Note: You need to contact the developer in order to obtain the license information

New Features:
  • Specify the default height and width of new document windows
  • Support for additional HTML5 tags
  • Plugins now get installed in the Application Support folder
  • Fixed issues with color picker not inserting the selected color
  • Inserting a line break respects XHTML settings
  • Checking links would always report the error was on line 0
  • Find all would report the wrong line number
  • Clicking in the webpage preview selects the corresponding HTML and sets focus to the text editor so you can continue typing
  • Webpage preview won't cache media and css files anymore
  • Quick view in the Site Manager now closes when you press the space bar
  • Tools window changed to Items window