WebArch for MAC

v 0.4.0
Category  Developer Tools

WebArch mac screenshot NaNWebArch mac screenshot NaNWebArch mac screenshot NaNWebArch mac screenshot NaN

About WebArch For MAC

WebArch allows you to download and save a local copy a website.

  • Browse a website and save all files locally
  • Simple interface
  • You have the option to either save all files or process them to allow you to browse the local copy.

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Whats New

Version 0.4.0:

  • Improvements to engine meaning that certain sites will display properly locally after being saved with the 'process' option.
  • Updates the selectable user-agent strings and adds more (in particular, Edge and some more mobile browsers)
  • Updates Paddle's licensing framework to the latest Big Sur/M1 compatible version
  • Changes default setting for treating http:// links on the same domain (when starting with an https:// url). Now treats them as internal, which is probably what's expected.