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About Wax For MAC

Wax makes a list of all your music disc collections. You can make collections of discs that you own, those you like, and discs that you recommend to friends. Sort collections by artist name and release year.

The index buttons are easy to use and allow you to see the discs of each artist with initials on each button. You can set indexes in preferences. Each index must contain only one letter (VA for "Various Artists") The search field will search for keywords in your collection.

Scroll by clicking on the cover images.

Select Edit > Add disc info to add a new item. You can manually fill in the inputs with Disc title and Musician. Drop onto the square space to the left to add the cover image.

To get it done automatically, simply fill in the disc title and hit the return key. The app searches allmusic.com to find the information for you, but only if they are found.

Select a row and press command+E to edit existing items. To save, edit and hit OK. To remove one, hit delete key.

It is possible to export to HTML. This will create one html document and one images folder.

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Whats New

Version 1.0:

  • Initial release