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v 0.7.1
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About Virtaal For MAC

Virtaal It is a graphical translator. It is designed to be both easy-to-use and powerful. While the initial focus of the software translation (localisation, l10n) is our intention, it can be used for many purposes.

It can translate many formats, but its primary focus is on Gettext PO files and XLIFF files.

For Wordpress themes translation, you can also export your Gettext PO files as compiled MO files.


  • Perfect for beginners:Virtaal is the perfect tool for your new team member.
  • Simple and intuitive layout
  • Colour highlighting
  • Quality checks
  • Displays comments from programmers, previous translators
  • Displays context (like PO msgctxt)
  • It's easy to search for text on the Internet.
  • Guide and tutorial for localisation available via the Help menu
  • Productive environment: Virtutaal will help you be more productive
  • Navigate quickly and easily within the file Auto-completion for long words
  • Automatic sensing the initial cursor position
  • Copy the original string to the target string, taking into account punctuation rules of your language
  • Highlighting and copying from the source text
  • Move between units that are unclear or untranslated to find your work easily
  • Save automatically to update the PO header
  • Terminology help. Suggestions may be made from:
    • Local files on your computer
    • Download automatically downloaded terminology files
  • Reuse translations already in use. You can get suggestions from:
    • The current file
    • Alternative translations (previously msgids in PO, or alt–trans in XLIFF).
    • Translates that were previously saved
    • Server for a team or office TM server
    • A tinyTM server
    • Amagama
  • Machine translation
    • Google Translate
    • Microsoft Translator
    • Apertium
    • Moses

Download Virtaal For MAC

Whats New

Version 0.7.1:

  • Real time quality checks, updates while you type
  • Export Gettext .po files to Gettext .mo