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v 11.4.5
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About Valentina Studio For MAC

Valentina Studio allows database developers, DBAs, and end users to use the most popular RDBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. You can use different diagrams to model data, work with records and database schema, and even do server administration.

You can create a Valentina Project in PRO Edition ($199), where you can design Reports and Forms, and automate them using JavaScript. If you place this project under Valentina Server, it can be used by multiple users.

FREE Edition gives you powerful visual editors such as:

  • Diagram Editor - Create your new db and then generate tables from the diagram.
  • Schema Editor (tree and column views) - Create and modify all schema objects in supported databases: Tables and Views, Fields and Enums.
  • Data Editor - Browse table records in a grid, modify them, inline edit of their values, sort, filter and save favorites filters, preview images, hex editors to binary values, etc.
  • Related Data Editor - Learn and manage linked records from two tables easily, link/unlink records with a mouse click, perform operations over linked records, and more
  • SQL Editor - color syntax, auto-completion of recent and saved favorites queries, templates, console, error/warning reporting,...
  • Query Builder allows you to create SQL queries visually with just a few mouse-clicks.
  • Server Admin - This is where you can manage users and learn logs.

PRO Edition includes additional tools:

  • Valentina Project - Keep here reports, forms and javascripts
  • Form Editor - design forms
  • Report Editor - design reports

You can open as many editors as necessary to access different databases/servers from tab-panels. You can also access a variety of DB-related utilities such as Import/Export and Dumps, Diagnose, Clone or Reindex.

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Whats New

Version 11.4.5:

  • [Data Editor][Pro] Formatting of data of a column. Right-click a column header to see the contextual menu, where you can find the "Format" command.
    • For example, for a column with Integer type, you will see Format (Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, Octal).
    • You can also set a suffix to value, e.g. “mm”
    • Added formatting for native types, such as PostgreSQL's MacAddr, Point, etc
    • Added currency formatting for Float, Double, Decimal, Money fields.
  • [PostgreSQL] Implemented support of METHOD FIELDS (generated columns), which was added in PostgreSQL v12.
  • [PostgreSQL] Implemented support of identity fields.
  • [Valentina DB] Compound Indexes now will be used much better in WHERE and ORDER BY clauses.
  • [MySQL] Fixed CSV import into MySQL table.