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v 2.0.0
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About uDig For MAC

uDig Eclipse Rich Client (RCP technology) is used to create this open-source (LGPL) desktop application framework.

uDig is also available as a standalone application. uDig is extensible with RCP "plug ins". uDig is a plug-in for an existing RCP application.

uDig's goal is to provide a Java solution that allows desktop GIS data access, editing and viewing. uDig aims at being:

GIS users will find it easy to use, thanks to its familiar graphical environment.

Desktop found, running natively as a thick client on Mac OS X (and Windows & Linux also! ;

Internet-oriented, consuming standard (WMS. WFS. WCS.) and de facto(GeoRSS. KML. tiles) geospatial web services;

GIS ready provides the framework for complex analytical capabilities and is gradually incorporated into the main application.

uDig can open, view, and edit shapefiles (shp, dbf), etc. ), WFS layers (Web Feature Server), as well as connecting to PostgreSQL / PostGIS and Oracle data sources containing both table and geometry data.

uDig can be dragged and dropped to access its sources, projects, layers, and other information. Multiple map views and multiple layers can all be displayed from multiple data sources within the uDig app.

Users can also connect/integrate uDig to GeoServer as well as MapServer, providing a complete client/server solution.

uDig GUI supports Layers, Projects, and Catalog View panes. It also offers multi-pane Map Views. Geotiffs with coordiante files, jpg, PNG, gif and tif files can also be loaded with uDig. These files can be displayed atop or below other layers such as Shapefiles or editable Vector files such as Shapefiles.

The uDig community has created a variety of editing tools in the form 'plugins'. These can be easily added to uDig clients, extending spatial operations and providing editing access for Grass files and many other features.

uDig is used for geospatial data analysis and management, image processing, graphics/maps creation, spatial modeling, visualization and many other purposes.

Use uDig alongside Google Earth as it's turbo-charged big brother. You can export KML files to SHP and view/edit them using uDig.

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Whats New

Version 2.0.0:

  • #261 fix problem causing deadlock while copying features between the same shapefile layer
  • #258 Fix issue causing always full layer export of abstract geometry types
  • #253 fix NullPointerException during initial loading of ProjectExplorer
  • #251 fix issue with empty geom while addingEdges is called
  • #237 Map project file not deleted from file system fix locationtech [bug-168]
  • #235 Problem with Map restoration from file system when reopening udig
  • #234 IllegalStateException when closing udig while Map with MySQL layer is open
  • #229 minor fix for duplicate legend entries for color ramp rasters
  • #228 Features modification & copy/paste fails for shapefile layers
  • #215 Fixed resulting pdf page size format
  • #212 Fix for decimal CRSes
  • #211 fix NullPointerException if palette name not set
  • #210 Fixed OpenStyleEditorAction to select a more appropriate StyleEditorPage
  • #209 Fix broken DB2 plug-in
  • #207 [BUG-93] fixed Shapefile-Export for Scratch Layer
  • #204 [Bug 74] fixed concurrentModificationExceptions for Synchronized EList's
  • #202 call activators of tools only once
  • #193 fix invalid xml error msg on xml page when leaving page with no changes
  • #186 [UDIG-1897] avoid cast exception guessing a CRS
  • #275 Upgrade Eclipse Oxygen improvement
  • #220 Preference Page added for WMSService
  • #203 update GeoTools to 14.1, GeoScript to 1.6.0, and dependencies
  • #274 Improvements related to editing of features improvement
  • #262 Do not display passwords of GeoResources and Services in UI
  • #259 improve behavior of WMS Renderering for not displayed scales
  • #255 WellKnownMarkName text field length increase improvement
  • #247 enablement of layer move up/down actions in Layers View
  • #233 improve FeatureTypeEditor to provide fields for setting attributes restrictions feature
  • #232 improve discovery of all geometry types during when adding a Mysql Host layer improvement
  • #231 improve check for jdbc catalog IDs
  • #226 [pdf] remember export settings for pdf wizard page
  • #223 [i18n] updated Korean localization files synched from Transifex
  • #219 Improvements in scalebar and scaleDenom mapgraphics
  • #217 Improvements related to selection of feature(s) on map when modal tools are active
  • #216 improve handling of charset during import and export of shapefiles
  • #214 Fixes and minor improvements for Export Map to Image (pdf) wizard
  • #213 fixed workspace and configuration defaults for Windows environments (product)
  • #198 Lazy Initialization of Map to avoid using Display Thread
  • #196 Raster styles - interpolate color ranges
  • #185 [UDIG-1987] added optional oracle jdbc imports
  • #272 remove upper bound restriction during import of com.google.common.base in MANIFEST.MF improvement
  • #270 splits style.advanced into raster and feature bundle improvement
  • #245 cleanup project.ui.editor properties
  • #238 Linux zip leaves a __MACOSX dir in /usr/lib