Twist for MAC

v 1.6.22
Category  Internet Utilities

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About Twist For MAC

Twist communication app for teams that believe there's more work than just keeping up with group chats.

  • Twist threads allow for more efficient communication. Your conversations are clearly separated by topic in Twist so that replies don't get lost in the endless stream of group chat. To focus on work, disconnect and then reconnect when you're ready.
  • Twist automatically converts your threaded conversations to a searchable list of topics. This will help you organize your team's knowledge. Instantly connect your team with the information they need, in the context of the original conversation.
  • Twist allows you to communicate in full thoughts and not just one line. This makes for more productive teamwork. Discuss issues. Discuss issues. Get feedback. Have deep, on-topic conversations. This will help you move your work forward.

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Whats New

Version 1.6.22:

  • The usual minor (but important) fixes to make Twist faster, bug-free, and easy on the eyes.