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About TuneCrack For MAC

TuneCrack means: Solve the tuning problem - Learn how to tune instruments accurately. Tuning is often overlooked. Tuning is an essential step in every performance. TuneCrack offers exercises to improve your pitch transfer skills and your listening skill. The Precision Listening Method trains your listening skills. Your task is to solve more difficult questions until you can pinpoint the answer. The Pitch Keeper Method trains your transfer skill.

The program will first introduce you to your Absolute Pitch Point. You will learn how to control a pitch by using feedback and appropriate exercises. It is important to transfer a pitch and keep it in your head in order to understand the musical center of a piece. The program listens to your singing and provides feedback based on that singing. A colored pitch line indicates if you are off-target, too high, or too low. The program tracks your progress and allows you to see graphs of the statistics. Your weak and strong points are visible. Training can help you eliminate your weak points. Your strengths should be developed and expanded. Start building a pitch repertoire that is based on your strengths.

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Whats New

Version 1.14:

  • 64 bit compatible