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v 3.00
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About Transmission For MAC

Transmission - A fast, free, and multi-platform BitTorrent client.

Transmission establishes initial preferences so that things "just work", while advanced features such as watch directories, bad peer blocking, and the Web interface can all be configured in just a few clicks. It supports file selection, full encryption, file selection and a Web-based interface.

Its code can be freely downloaded online under the GNU Public License v2 and the MIT License. Anyone interested in contributing code, documentation or translations to the development team is welcome.

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Whats New

Version 3.00:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.10 or later

All Platforms
  • Allow the RPC server to listen on an IPv6 address
  • Change TR_CURL_SSL_VERIFY to TR_CURL_SSL_NO_VERIFY and enable verification by default
  • Go back to using hash as base name for resume and torrent files (those stored in configuration directory)
  • Handle "fields" argument in "session-get" RPC request; if "fields" array is present in arguments, only return session fields specified; otherwise return all the fields as before
  • Limit the number of incorrect authentication attempts in embedded web server to 100 to prevent brute-force attacks
  • Set idle seed limit range to 1..40320 (4 weeks tops) in all clients
  • Add Peer ID for Xfplay, PicoTorrent, Free Download Manager, Folx, Baidu Netdisk torrent clients
  • Announce INT64_MAX as size left if the value is unknown (helps with e.g. Amazon S3 trackers)
  • Add TCP_FASTOPEN support (should result in slight speedup)
  • Improve ToS handling on IPv6 connections
  • Abort handshake if establishing DH shared secret fails (leads to crash)
  • Don't switch trackers while announcing (leads to crash)
  • Improve completion scripts execution and error handling; add support for .cmd and .bat files on Windows
  • Maintain a "session ID" file (in temporary directory) to better detect whether session is local or remote; return the ID as part of "session-get" response
  • Change torrent location even if no data move is needed
  • Support CIDR-notated blocklists
  • Update the resume file before running scripts
  • Make multiscrape limits adaptive
  • Add labels support to libtransmission and transmission-remote
  • Parse session-id header case-insensitively
  • Sanitize suspicious path components instead of rejecting them
  • Load CA certs from system store on Windows / OpenSSL
  • Add support for mbedtls (formely polarssl) and wolfssl (formely cyassl), LibreSSL
  • Fix building against OpenSSL 1.1.0+
  • Fix quota support for uClibc-ng 1.0.18+ and DragonFly BSD
  • Fix a number of memory leaks (magnet loading, session shutdown, bencoded data parsing)
  • Bump miniupnpc version to 2.0.20170509
  • CMake-related improvements (Ninja generator, libappindicator, systemd, Solaris and macOS)
  • Switch to submodules to manage (most of) third-party dependencies
  • Fail installation on Windows if UCRT is not installed
Mac Client
  • Bump minimum macOS version to 10.10
  • Dark Mode support
  • Remove Growl support, notification center is always used
  • Fix autoupdate on High Sierra and up by bumping the Sparkle version
  • Transition to ARC
  • Use proper UTF-8 encoding (with macOS-specific normalization) when setting download/incomplete directory and completion script paths
  • Fix uncaught exception when dragging multiple items between groups
  • Add flat variants of status icons for message log
  • Optimize image resources size
  • Update file icon when file name changes
  • Update translations
GTK+ Client
  • Add queue up/down hotkeys
  • Modernize the .desktop file
  • Add AppData file
  • Add symbolic icon variant for the Gnome top bar and when the high contrast theme is in use
  • Update file icon when its name changes
  • Switch from intltool to gettext for translations
  • Update translations, add new translations for Portuguese (Portugal)
Qt Client
  • Bump minimum Qt version to 5.2
  • Fix dropping .torrent files into main window on Windows
  • Fix prepending of drive letter to various user-selected paths on Windows
  • Fix sorting by progress in presence of magnet transfers
  • Fix .torrent file trashing upon addition
  • Add queue up/down hotkeys
  • Reduce torrent properties (file tree) memory usage
  • Display tooltips in torrent properties (file tree) in case the names don't fit
  • Improve UI look on hi-dpi displays (YMMV)
  • Use session ID (if available) to check if session is local or not
  • Use default (instead of system) locale to be more flexible
  • Modernize the .desktop file
  • Update translations, add new translations for Afrikaans, Catalan, Danish, Greek, Norwegian Bokmål, Slovenian
  • Use libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon (TRAC-5921)
  • Harden transmission-daemon.service by disallowing privileges elevation
  • Fix exit code to be zero when dumping settings
Web Client
  • Fix tracker error XSS in inspector (CVE-?)
  • Fix performance issues due to improper use of setInterval() for UI refresh (TRAC-6031)
  • Fix recognition of https:// links in comments field
  • Fix torrent list style in Google Chrome 59+
  • Show ETA in compact view on non-mobile devices
  • Show upload file button on mobile devices
  • Add keyboard hotkeys for web interface
  • Disable autocompletion in torrent URL field
  • Prevent crash in transmission-show displaying torrents with invalid creation date
  • Handle IPv6 RPC addresses in transmission-remote
  • Add --unsorted option to transmission-show
  • Widen the torrent-id column in transmission-remote for cleaner formatting
Code Signing Policy
  • Windows MSI packages: free code signing provided by, certificate by SignPath Foundation