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v 1.7.6
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About Trailer For MAC

Trailer allows you to manage pull requests and issues across multiple repositories of GitHub & GitHub Enterprise. This can be done directly in your Notification Center, or from any device. Never miss a comment.

  • You can quickly and easily link to your GitHub account by creating a GitHub token. Once you have it, just paste it into the quickstart window.
  • "Mine"/"Participated"/"Merged"/"Closed" and other sections.
  • You can also view labels, reviews, or CI status updates.
  • Integrated with Notification Center to keep your notified about comments, merges, status changes, and other information.
  • You can search and filter items by typing.
  • Selecting a menu item or notification opens it in GitHub.
  • Only view and filter items from the repositories that you are currently watching.
  • When you have not read comments or places badges on your Mac menu item, it turns red.
  • It is very configurable and lightweight.

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Whats New

Version 1.7.6:

  • New filtering section in preferences to hide items from specific authors, or items that contain specific labels.
  • New options to select which type of status items to list or hide for listed items.
  • Typed-in filters are now persisted in each menu between app restarts.
  • Support for displaying checks in item status lists (v4 API only.)
  • Improved layout for items which do not have an author avatar.
  • New option to display base branch info for PRs.
  • General round of minor bug fixing and optimisations, including:
  • Corrections to display of reviews and statuses.
  • App will no longer appear over the menubar if auto-hiding of the menubar is turned on.
  • Option to hide avatars in the posted notifications, independently from whether they are shown on the item lists.