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About To MP3 Converter Free For MAC

To M3 Converter Free can convert more than 200 audio and video formats including WMA, MP4, FLAC, WAV and MP4; VID, FLV and MOV; 3GP, M4V and M4V; MOD, OGM, and DV. App Store policies prevent the conversion of DRM-protected audio files.

  • Automatic Output Setting - Analyzes bitrate, sample rate, and channels of input files to determine the best settings for output MP3s.
  • Sound Normalizer -- It automatically enhances too-quiet audio file sections -- or such as music, voice, and records in movie soundtracks.
  • Extract All Audio tracks from a Video – Extracts all audio files from a movie.
  • Convert Complete Audio Collections With Premium features - to MP3 Converter Free is available for download and use. However, there are limitations for certain features such as batch processing and loading tags from the network. These limitations are removed by a Premium Features subscription, which allows you to convert to perfectly arranged and tuned music collections in just one click.
    • Batch processing -- Convert thousands of files and folders in one go
    • CUE splitter - Split music albums to create separate tracks using CUE files
    • CD Ripper -- Get quality and labeled tracks from CD albums
    • Tags download - organize music collections on-the-fly, even if source files don't have tags
    • Audio effects -- Listen to songs with smooth fade-in/out and no silence

    A premium-features subscription can be purchased for an in-app payment or monthly fee.

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Whats New

Version 1.0.8:

  • Choose between Peak and Loudness normalisation methods.
  • Manage target level for Peak normalisation between -20.0 and 0.0 dBFS.
  • Choose target level for Loudness (EBU R128) normalisation between -25.0 and -5.0 LUFS.
  • Automatic Volume Control makes speech records more clear and hearable.