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v 4.2.2
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About tinyMediaManager For MAC

tinyMediaManager a media management tool written using Java/Swing. It provides metadata for the Kodi Media Center (previously known as XBMC, MediaPortal, and Plex media servers). tinyMediaManager can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS because it is written in Java.

Multi OS support

tinyMediaManager can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

Automatic updates

tinyMediaManager includes an integrated updating system.

Support via the command line

tinyMediaManager can accept command line arguments. This function allows you to call tinyMediaManager functions using other tools.

Scrape meta data

tinyMediaManager retrieves all the necessary metadata for your movies from TheMovieDB.org and Moviemeter.nl.

Get artwork

You can download fanart, poster and clearart artwork from TheMovieDB.org or Fanart.tv.

Trailers available

Get a list from TheMovieDB.org or HD-Trailers.net of all available trailers for your movie.

Subtitles available

OpenSubtitles.org provides a list with all available subtitles for your movie.

Edit meta data

If you aren't satisfied with the scraper results, you can manually change all meta data/artwork/trailer.

Rename movie files

tinyMediaManager allows you to organize your files. You can rename movie files and folders to suit your needs.

Powerful searching

tinyMediaManager allows you to search, sort, and filter movies using many criteria. This allows you to quickly access the movies that you are looking for.

Create NFOs

tinyMediaManager will create Kodi and MediaPortal compatible NFs, as well as import NFs written by other tools (like EmberMediaManager). This will make it easy to migrate to tinyMediaManager.

Extract media information
The mediainfo library is used for extracting technical metadata from movie files (e.g. video codec, resolution, bitrate, audio channels, ..).

Download tinyMediaManager For MAC

Whats New

Version 4.2.2:

  • Added selected entries amount and file size totals to the movie/movie set/TV show list
  • Added file size totals tp the movie/movie set/TV show table
  • Added an option to set the default value for "do not overwrite existing data" to the settings
  • Added a setting to ignore completeness check for specials
  • (TVDB) fix recent API changes from TVDB
  • (TVDB) enhanced translation handling of our API implementation
  • Fix some minor issues for the live update of movie set data
  • Calculation of minimum size for restoring window sizes/positions
  • Enhanced loading times of internal scrapers
  • Fix detection of paths in skip folders
  • Fix detection of multiple trailers (Zidoo style)
  • Lowered defaults for completeness check
  • Enhanced the filename filter to run against all media files
  • Rewrote fetching of translated episodes in the episode chooser
  • (IMDB) allow unassigned episodes to be scraped
  • Several fixes for post-processing management