Timelane for MAC

v 1.0.0
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About Timelane For MAC

Timelane bundles a custom Xcode instrument and the frameworks that allow your code to talk with the Timelane instrument. When you profile your app with Timelane, you'll be able to view your asynchronous tasks visually on an interactive timeline that you can examine to your heart's delight.

Extensible and free

The app and the related frameworks are completely free. Anyone can also use the Timelane core for their own asynchronous code that sends profiling data to Timelane Instrument.


Timelane was specifically designed for profiling asynchronous concurrent codes. Visualizing asynchronous operations gives a bird's eye view of your subscriptions.

Open source

To understand how it works, drill down into the code. Do let us know if you find a problem or have suggestions. Marin Todorov made this open source.

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Whats New

Version 1.0.0:

  • This is the first release of Timelane