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v 2.0.1
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About TeXwiz For MAC

TeXwiz supports many of the very useful features offered by KOMA script and is a document creator for LaTeX documents. Although most LaTeX editors offer similar built-in wizards to help you create documents, they are usually very basic and can only be used by experienced authors. This is likely because the programmer doesn’t want to restrict the writers to a particular layout, although that is certainly possible. There are many ways to write LaTeX documents, but there is only one right way. TeXwiz makes it possible to set most options in LaTeX documents. It also produces LaTeX code that is compliant with two important publications on DOs and Don'ts: LaTeX Sundenregister in German and the KOMA script documentation scrguien / guide (included in most LaTeX distribution).

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Whats New

Version 2.0.1:

  • Cleaned up the icon view