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About Tagger For MAC

Tagger is an application which auto tags audio files. It supports batch tag editing.


  • Auto Tagging
  • Rename your file
  • Artwork editing
  • Tag Manipulation

For more information, see Tagger’s Github page

Tagger's support webpage provides support.

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Whats New


  • OS X 10.9 Support
  • Sets the total number of tracks on each disc when auto tagging.
  • Button to use the directory name as the search query when auto tagging.
  • Release date field.
  • Quicklook on Vgmdb search results by pressing space.
  • Artist to composer.
  • Composer to artist.
  • Save last custom format.
  • Regex replace on audio files metadata.
  • Improvements to the auto tagging gui.
  • Clicking on a Vgmdb search result opens those results.
  • Using AVFoundation for mp4/m4a since it more reliable and fixes the problems with cover art.
  • Made m4a/mp4 tag writing faster.
Bug fixes:
  • When tracks are different lengths when auto tagging using Vgmdb