Tagaini Jisho for MAC

v 1.0.3
Category  Education

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About Tagaini Jisho For MAC

Tagaini Jisho, a free and open-source Japanese dictionary that can also be used to look up kanji, is designed to help you learn Japanese. It allows you to quickly find entries and mark the ones you want to study. You can also add tags and personal notes. It allows you to train entries and tracks your progress in remembering them. It also makes it easy to review entries that you have forgotten by printing them out or listing them on the screen.

Tagaini Jisho also offers complete stroke order animations for more that 6000 kanjis.

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Whats New

Version 1.0.3:

  • Update to SQLite
  • Update JMdict, kanjidic and KanjiVG data
  • Lots of improvements to non-english translations (especially
  • French) thanks to the jmdict-i18n project
  • New GUI (partial) translations: Persian, Hungarian, Indonesian
  • Re-enable SKIP support now that licensing issues are solved
  • Remove a bunch of invalid entries from the JLPT lists
  • Fix a bug when exporting the database to an existing file
  • Enable shortcuts for training window on MacOS X
  • Fix a bug that prevented the creation of a search folder
  • Fix a dimension bug in the preferences window
  • Fix a crash when moving an entry to the list below it