Symphytum for MAC

v 2.6
Category  Productivity

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About Symphytum For MAC

Symphytum allows you to organize and manage data in an intuitive and simple way.

Create input forms. The dynamic layout engine allows you to move and resize fields. Text, numbers, images and files can all be used. To enjoy seamless automatic synchronization across all your computers, you can store your data in the cloud.

Take the easy route. Symphytum makes it easy to manage your data, including club memberships and stamp collection.


Fields: More than Text Create input forms that support different data types, including text, numeric and date, progress, image file list, checkboxes, comboboxes, and more.

Two Views on the Same Data
For structured data input and representation, use form view. To search, sort and compare, use table-like view.

Integrated Cloud Sync
Symphytum is easy to use across multiple computers. All your data is automatically synchronized across all computers. Included are drivers for cloud services like Dropbox.

Sync Conflict Management
Symphytum handles synchronization conflicts. Although only one session is allowed with write access at a time, other computers can access the database in read-only mode during open sessions.

If you need to be kept informed about tasks, appointments, or birthdays, date fields can help. All reminders once activated are listed in one location.

Future Plans:
Continual updates bring great improvements and new features. You can expect enhanced export/import functionality and print functionality, as well as new field types and a Symphytum mobile app.

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Whats New

Version 2.6:

New features:
  • New sync driver: generic folder sync for any folder based sync service, like Nextcloud and OwnCloud
  • New safe edit mode where destructive actions are disabled and only record editing is allowed
  • Allow empty rows and columns by default in form view. New setting to enable auto pruning of unused space
  • Automatic column width based on contents, as a new option in the settings
  • Improve performance of scrolling by allowing to hide images in table view
  • Italian translation
  • Set current date in CalenderWidget popup when date is not set
  • Collections can be renamed als by clicking on the context menu
  • CSV exports now include the original file name of images
  • Ask for user permission before checking for updates
  • Minor fixes in German translation files
  • Improve slightly the styling of view mode buttons in tool bar
Bug fixes:
  • MEGA sync driver: fix after upstream API change (MEGAcmd output)
  • Duplicated collections no longer produce empty CSV and PDF files
  • Duplicated collections no longer contain inconsistent records with null ids
  • Critical bug where deleting a field results in "invalid_column"
  • Don't update last modification date time if no data was changed in table view
  • Save and restore section order correctly in table view