Stellarium for MAC

v 0.21.2
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Stellarium mac screenshot NaNStellarium mac screenshot NaNStellarium mac screenshot NaNStellarium mac screenshot NaNStellarium mac screenshot NaN

About Stellarium For MAC

Stellarium , an open-source desktop planetarium, is Stellarium . OpenGL renders the sky in realtime. This means that the skies will look exactly the same as what you see through your eyes, binoculars or small telescope. Stellarium is easy to use, which is a major advantage.

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Whats New

Version 0.21.2:

The major changes:
  • Annual aberration correction. Planet positions are finally very accurate!
  • Bookmarks replaced by Observation Lists
  • Politically neutral geonames
  • Right-click opens plugin configuration
  • Improved computation of rising, transit, setting times
  • "Goto next twilight" functionality
  • Two new Greek skycultures
  • Updated Mul-Apin skyculture with new artwork
  • Improved fidelity of Lunar eclipses
  • Fixed display of stellar proper motion
  • Many fixes in core and plugins
Full list of changes:
  • Added a twilight altitude setting and twilight-finding actions to StelObjectMgr
  • Added extraString capabilities to StelObjectMgr
  • Added missing time zones
  • Added 2 new greek skycultures
  • Added unit tests for JPL DE440/DE441 ephemeris
  • Added greatest digression to Infostring
  • Added constellation info for AstroCalc/WUT tool
  • Added tooltip for AstroCalc/WUT tool
  • Added barium stars filter for Search and AstroCalc tools
  • Added option to toggle the method of drawing Sun's corona
  • Added support right click for buttons
  • Added alternative definition of elongation
  • Added support of geographical regions (politically neutral toponyms)
  • Added tooltips to list of skycultures in the GUI
  • Added support the annual aberration
  • Added custom max fov stop
  • Added DeltaT output in seconds for Scripting Engine
  • Added Observing lists feature
  • Added unobvious behavior for selection the celestial body when Graphs tab is opened
  • Added extra data for satellite into GUI of Satellites plugin
  • Added new language: English (India)
  • Added ability of displaying number of exoplanets in the system near designation of host star
  • Added support minimum altitude for Rise/Transit/Set times in AstroCalc/WUT tool
  • Fixed visual style of the magnitude output data
  • Fixed rendering graphs when the AstroCalc/Graphs tab is closed
  • Fixed coordinates for NGC 2379 (DSO Catalog v3.13)
  • Fixes and improvements of backward compatibility layer for support the regions and countries
  • Fixed displaying the proper motion data
  • Fixed empty items in Search/Lists tool for stars
  • Fixed proper motion data in AstroCalc/Positions tool
  • Fixed HiDPI issue for GUI of Scenery 3D plugin
  • Fixed displaying meteor showers search dialog
  • Fixed drawing spiky halo for Solar system bodies
  • Fixed behavior of the Online Query plug-in button
  • Fixed WS-2020-0368 issue in zlib
  • Fixed search stars by additional English names
  • Fixed translations for splash screen
  • Fixed location of CR 36 (Collinder 36)
  • Fixed crash Online Query Plug-in
  • Fixed distanes for PGC galaxies
  • Fixed computation of max elevations in AstroCalc tool
  • Changed Observability plugin: disabled RTS display in the plugin to avoid duplicate the data
  • Changed the core: added better solutions to RTS (rise-transit-set times) for fixed objects and planets
  • Changed core: enabled nutation for -4000...+8000 for better comparison with reference solutions
  • Changed behaviour of AstroCalc/Graphs tool: the AstroCalc/Graphs/Graph tool now can work on Earth only
  • Changed behaviour of AstroCalc tool: Inhibit updates when dialog invisible
  • Updated the behaviour of the GUI in Search Tool: force focus on entry line when recalling
  • Updated the behaviour of the AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: exclude outdated solar system objects
  • Updated descriptions of sky cultures
  • Updated GUI of the Satellites plugin
  • Updated QXlsx library
  • Updated Stellarium User Guide
  • Updated list of locations
  • Updated list of languages
  • Updated list of geographical regions
  • Updated list of planetary nomenclature
  • Updated default catalog of pulsars
  • Updated common names of DSO
  • Updated common names of the stars
  • Updated boundaries in Chinese skycultures
  • Updated translations
  • Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: improve the performance of computations
  • Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: avoid lots of computations
  • Updated Solar System Editpr plugin: better intuitive sorting of MPC list by padding
  • Removed few Chinese dialects/languages: we will keep only zh_CN, zh_SG, zh_HK and zh_TW locales for Chinese
  • Removed outdated translations
  • Removed list of countries
  • Removed Bookmarks feature
  • Removed the duplicate for Tr 2 cluster