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v 3.3.3
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About SQLiteStudio For MAC

SQLiteStudio, a free, open-source, multi-platform SQLite data manager written in C++ with Qt framework, is available.

  • Open source and free. This is available for all purposes (commercial and personal). It's safe because anyone can view the source code.
  • Advanced SQL code editor. The SQL Editor windows assists users with SQL syntax hints and highlighting, provides pretty print code formatter, and marks syntax errors. To open the table, index, trigger, view, or table mentioned in SQL query, you can Ctrl+click.
  • Encrypted databases.
  • Multiple databases seamlessly. Thanks to the transparent database attaching mechanism in SQLiteStudio's SQL Editor, you can execute SQL statements that refers to multiple databases in one query.
  • Custom SQL functions. With JavaScript or Tcl, you can create your own SQL functions (scalar and aggregate). There are many ready-to-use scripts available on , the wiki page.
  • Custom collation sequencing. You have the option to create your own collation sequences. algorithms for comparing two values that could be used in the ORDER BY clause etc.
  • View SQL & DDL history. Do you need the query you ran 2 weeks ago? No problem. SQL Editor offers a History tab. You will need to upgrade the production database in the same way as you did locally using SQLiteStudio. DDL History window: It contains all DDL statements executed by SQLiteStudio.
  • Drag and Drop between databases. To copy or move objects (tables or indexes, ...)) between databases, you can drag and drop them.
  • Cross-platform. Works with all 3 major platforms - Windows OS X, MacOS X and Linux. You can also compile from sources on less popular platforms (like , FreeBSD, and ).
  • Portable distribution. You don't need to install it. Simply download the package, uncompress it, and run. Administrator rights are not required.
  • Data populating. Are you looking to quickly test your application using pre-generated data. SQLiteStudio will populate tables using a variety of strategies (constant and sequence, random number, random data, dictionary-based text, script generated).
  • Importing/exporting. SQLiteStudio supports both CSV and text files using Regular Expressions. It can also export to various formats (SQL statement, CSV, HTML, XML or PDF, JSON).
  • Scripting. This application currently supports QtScript and Tcl scripting languages. Scripts can be used to generate data populating, custom SQL functions and custom collation sequences.
  • Plugins. SQLiteStudio can support plugins from several categories. Plugins can be used to add a scripting language, for example. You can add plugins to create a new import or export format, a different table data populating strategy, a SQLite formatter, code highlighter and code highlighter, and re-present table cell values using a table value representation renderer.

The software is free but it is donationware. To support development, please consider donating.

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Whats New

Version 3.3.3:

Rather small, yet important bugfix release. Includes update to the most recent SQLite (3.35.4) and brings back independent SQLite library file to allow user manual updates if necessary

Other notable changes are:
  • Expanded/collapsed state of connected databases is saved and restored upon next startup
  • The "DEFAULT" column on Structure tab is now correctly showing the default value (it was always empty in 3.3.2)
  • Fixed support for portable config directory (the "sqlitestudio-cfg") that was broken in prior 3.3.x version
  • Few bugs causing unexpected application crash were fixed, improving overall stability of the application
  • Import and Export dialogs are now rendered correctly under "Fusion Dark" theme