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v 1.26.0
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About Sparkle For MAC

Sparkle can be used by developers to add to their Cocoa applications (five-step installation). to instantly update your application. My app will be able update itself. It won't just check for new versions. Instead, it will read the update information from your server and download, extract, install, restart. I even offer the users the release notes before they decide to update.

It's free, easy, and will make Mac use more enjoyable for everyone. To see Sparkle in action, make sure to visit Sparkle’s homepage .

  • True self-updating is possible without the need for any action on the part of the user.
  • Appcasts are supported for release information. Appcasts are cool.
  • Extracts from the.tar,.tbz and.tgz archives.
  • Displays a detailed status window for the user.
  • Can display release notes to the user prior to updating.
  • Seamless app integration – Sparkle is not mentioned anywhere. Your app's name, icon and URL are automatically inserted everywhere.
  • It is really, really simple to install.
  • Sparkle doesn't require you to place any glue code in your project. It's all done through IB, so it's easy to upgrade or delete the module.
  • (Should) be able to handle errors in difficult conditions.

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Whats New

Version 1.26.0:

  • Flat package support from
  • Correct generate_appcast -s command line argument usage help
  • Fix -f command line argument handling
  • Fix progress for guided pkg install
  • Fix XQuartz update failing because NSLog caused issues
  • Update localization
  • Various fixes to SPM logic