Soundboard for MAC

v 2.0.9
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About Soundboard For MAC

Soundboard, a Java-based sound cueing program, is designed for theatrical use. It is designed to be easy to use and cross-platform compatible so that a Mac-based sound designer can create a show and have it play back on a theatre's Windows playback computer. Soundboard is an open-source cross-platform alternative to QLab or SFX. It was designed to be easy enough for high school students as well as community theatres to use and robust enough to be used at a regional theatre.

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Whats New

Version 2.0.9:

  • This is the first stable release of Soundboard
  • Removed pan control since it didn't work properly for all files
  • Soundboard now requires Java 1.6 or higher
  • Corrected bug that was preventing the package show function from creating the specified directory
  • Corrected bug that prevents the package show function from writing a copy of the show file and show media to the package directory
  • Lots of code cleanup
  • Added warnings when trying to open a new file or quit the application when there are unsaved changes to the current file
  • Corrected bug that would hang the GUI completely when pressing the "stop all" button. The causes seem to stem from either the FLAC SPI or the javazoom BasicPlayer itself, but we don't know at this time. The present workaround in Soundboard should keep it from manifesting
  • Added feature to change the title of the frame to let the user know if the current Soundboard file has unsaved changes
  • Added feature to create a tempShowFile that auto-saves once every 5 minutes, and also whenever a new cue is added to the cue table. The tempShowFile is automatically deleted when Soundboard exits normally, but if Soundboard exits abnormally (i.e. crashes), the file persists
  • Changed volume control scheme to percentage of overall output to avoid confusion caused by JLayer.BasicPlayer's use of both that and db power systems internally (picking one and standardizing our use in Soundboard will help eliminate future bugs)
  • Corrected bug that was causing the live volume adjustment to be inconsistent with the volume adjustment you will get from playback using fade cues
  • Standardized volume controllers to initialize to 50% by default
  • Added director name, stage manager name, operator name, and show notes to show info
  • Soundboard now saves a time stamp to the show file by default
  • Altered .xls export so that it includes new show fields
  • Altered .xls export so that it sets the weight of column headers to bold
  • Added dialog to check if user wants to overwrite an existing exported cue sheet
  • Can now double-click on cue number or type to open "add media file" dialog
  • Removed FLAC support since it didn't work properly in all cases
  • Corrected bug that was failing to clear show info fields from the show info menu after creating a new file
  • Was unable to reproduce bug that was causing some of the text fields in the Show Info window to be out of alignment, but the labels all had different widths, and it's possible another system wasn't handling the padding correctly. We have standardized the widths of the labels to 95px and adjusted the fields accordingly
  • Added a check to check to make sure the countdown thread actually stops counting before removing it from the table of running threads when executing a stop all
  • audio playback does not seem to honor values over 50, so we have solved this internally by dividing all sound level values by two before they are passed to the audio controller, or before they are used for fade calculations
  • Moved 'Export Show Package' menu button to the file menu
  • Added feature to import a show package, which corrects the "bug" of having to re-add each media file to an exported show one at a time after opening an exported file
  • We are now recording the version of Soundboard when saving the cue file, and when Soundboard opens a file, it checks to see if this version tag is present, and if matches the current version of Soundboard. In either case, if that test fails, Soundboard will warn the user and give them the option of quitting the open to prevent damaging the file