SmoothMouse for MAC

v 1.0.10
Category  System Utilities

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About SmoothMouse For MAC

SmoothMouse allows you to set the acceleration for trackpads and mice.

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Whats New

Version 1.0.10:

Note: An appeal to advanced users: when using SmoothMouse with some games and professional applications, pressing and holding a mouse button may cause the mouse pointer to become extremely sensitive or stop moving at all. We are aware that such issues may occur and we can fix them on a per-application basis. If you encounter such an issue, please use ‟Report feedback" button or make a new topic in the forums.

  • Improved compatibility with BetterTouchTool.
  • Dragging problem fixed in the following games: Counter Strike: Source, other HL2 based games, Bioshock Infinite, Max Payne 3, The Darkness II, Double Fine, Overgrowth.