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v 3.8.0
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About Smile For MAC

Smile It is a working environment that offers both a variety of production technologies and a natural way of having them all work together. This allows you to produce faster and better, automate repetitive tasks, and control complex operations. These technologies are available to Smile's users:

  • An AppleScript editor that includes many scripting tools and unique AppleScript Terminal windows.
  • An editor of scripted interfaces
  • A text editor for Unicode and ASCII, with a search-and replace tool that supports Regular Expressions.
  • A XML editor
  • a Regular Expression engine,
  • A XML and p–list engine.
  • A 2D graphic engine that allows you to program vectorial PDF graphics using script.
  • commands for driving industrial interfaces: RS232 serial communication, digital I/O, LED display.

Smile ships with a variety of additional tools, such as a backup utility. Smile is scriptable and attachable (each object has its own script), and tailored (with scripts, you can customize the interface to any extent).

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Whats New

Version 3.8.0:

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