SleepWatcher for MAC

v 2.2.1
Category  System Utilities

About SleepWatcher For MAC

SleepWatcher monitors the Mac's sleep, wakeup, and idleness. It can be used to execute Unix commands when the Mac is in sleep mode, wakes up, or after a certain time without user interaction. It can also send the Mac into sleep mode or retrieve the time since the last user activity. The download includes a StartupItem, sample sleep scripts and source code for sleepwatcher. This software requires some knowledge of Unix commands to be useful.

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Whats New

Version 2.2.1:

  • SleepWatcher now is a 64-bit binary (and still contains 32-bit binaries for Intel and PowerPC)
  • With the -b -r option, the resumecommand is no longer executed repeatedly when it takes a longer time (in the order of the -b break duration) to run