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v 1.1.0
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About Slash For MAC

Slash the ultimate productivity app. Hyper-focus makes it 2x faster to work.

Hyper Focus

You can keep your current task pinned to your screen so that you always know where to focus.

Keep in the flow

Without looking for the next task, you can complete task after task. Continual flow state.


Our dashboard allows you to track your productivity and monitor your progress.

Any Platform

You can add tasks to your iOS or Android device and then you can slash through them on Mac and Windows. Linux coming soon!


Slash offers every setting you need to make it adaptable to your ideal workflow

You will find more features to help you stay focused.

This technique involves working for 25-minute intervals and taking 5 minute breaks.

Time tracking

Track your time spent on each task automatically and see your work time totals each day.

Time-Driven Tasks

The task "Emails in 20 minutes" will be started with a 20 minute timer.

Eisenhower Matrix

This tool allows you to mark urgent tasks and/or important tasks to help you prioritize.

Global Task Entry

You can easily add tasks to any app without interrupting the flow.

Task Notes

Save links, comments, and other details for each task.

Keyboard Shortcuts

16 and counting. You can do it all at lightning speed with no mouse

Auto-Link Open

When you start the task, any web links in the task note will open in your browser.

Satisfying Sounds

You can choose from a variety of sound effects to complete a task.

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Whats New

Version 1.1.0:

  • Stats: Time-tracking now spreads across multiple days, rather than only the day the task is completed.
  • Stats: Customizable date ranges!.
  • Stats: Fixed Pomodoro tracking!
  • Quick Entry: Fixed bug with Slash hiding itself after using saving a quick entry task.
  • Billing: New 'Edit Billing' page with option to change plan & update credit card.
  • Scheduling: Fixed several bugs with selecting scheduled time.
  • Referral Code field is back in the signup UI.
  • New: In-app help desk with how-to articles!
  • Fixes for using Slash with multiple monitors.
  • Fixed occasional freezing of drag-n-drop function.
  • TONS of small bug fixes around the app.