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v 2.6.0
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About Slapdash For MAC

Slapdash combines all your apps in one place to give new superpowers.

One magic trick that does it all
  • Calendar - Zero-latency calendar. It's the fastest way for you to launch your next meeting, or look at your calendar. Zoom meetings will open in the desktop app.
  • Tasks: Create on the fly. As soon as you think of a task or issue, file it. Doing the same thing over and over again? To save time and avoid the tedious task of data entry, create command templates.
  • Docs is the fastest way to navigate. There is no faster way than Docs to open a document or start writing one. Notion apps will even allow you to open documents from the desktop app.
  • Clipboard- Enhanced clipboard. You can search your clipboard history and create snippets that you can paste into any application without having to touch the mouse.
  • Computer Launcher++ Spotlight can do everything: math, unit conversions and launch apps. You can also create custom commands to do even more.
Cloud App Search: Fast and powerful
  • The Command Bar with its low-latency search is the fastest way for you to find anything.
  • Powerful filters - Transform your cloud apps into a database that you can slice, dice, and visualize.
  • Visualize and Save - Use saved searches to track work-streams and build inboxes.
  • Secure by default - Your data are encrypted and isolated, and not visible to us.

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Whats New

Version 2.6.0:

  • We built the Command Bar to be the fastest interface in the world. To unlock functionality, just connect some apps. But what about the apps we don't support? Or, apps we can't possibly support, such as your company tools?
  • To that end, we are opening up and open sourcing our development platform, letting anyone build insanely fast, shareable workflows.
  • To get started, visit the developer site for documentation or peruse some community commands that you can one-click install for inspiration.
  • Slapdash is architected with security and privacy in mind, but protecting customer data is not just confined to code. Equally important are the company processes: from the way we hire, to the tools we use, to the way we monitor and enforce our security standards.
  • With that in mind, we recently went through an intensive security audit to confirm that the way we work and the way Slapdash is built adheres to the highest standards. As a result of the audit, we are now officially SOC2 Type I compliant.
  • This is just one checkpoint on our journey to build humane software that people can trust.