Serial Mail for MAC

v 4.6
Category  Internet Utilities

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About Serial Mail For MAC

Serial Mail This AppleScript allows you to create serial mailings using a template and data from an Address Book group. You can choose to save or send the messages.

The script will process the message content of the selected template message and replace certain tags with the appropriate value from each recipient's Address Book. You can also use custom data by putting your labels in the "related name" section of the person's Address Book entry (e.g. "Assistant", "Customer number", etc.) The script will replace the corresponding tags with the corresponding Address Book values.

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Whats New

Version 4.6:

It is possible to attach personalized attachments to the generated emails: The path name provided to the tag "finder:file" can be parametrized with the recipient name. This allows to add an individual attachment specific to the recipient of the generated email. The path name may contain one or two placeholders defined by the two characters %@. The first occurrence of %@ is replaced with the first name of the recipient. The second occurrence is replaced with the last name of the recipient.