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v 2.2.0
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About Semaphor For MAC

Semaphor, the world's first zero knowledge collaboration tool, is now available. You can now work privately and productively with encrypted messaging, team discussions, file sharing, and file sharing. Every conversation between you and your employees, every file you share, message you send, and every message you send are 100% cryptographically secured. We wanted to offer something that would not only dramatically increase security but also be enjoyable and simple to use.

  • Create Team and #Channels- Create teams for your family, friends, or company. Next, create project-specific channels that you can use to communicate with your coworkers or anyone else you wish. The best part? The best part? Instead, you will be more productive, efficient, organized, secure, and secure.
  • No more passwords Hackers love weak passwords. Semaphor will create a secure recovery code for you at sign up to protect your privacy and security. Go to your profile and select Add a device. Your unique Semaphor pattern, which you can scan with your phone, will appear on the screen.
  • Share Confidently No compromises. Attach sensitive documents or passwords to Semaphor messages or conversations. Everything is encrypted with Zero-Knowledge technology, making it completely private and secure.
  • Truly private messaging - Every message, conversation and file you share with anyone is cryptographically protected. Private messaging is a great way to share sensitive files or plan lunch with colleagues.
  • Use Your Unique Semaphoric Pattern - Sign up to get your Contact Card, a unique Semaphoric design that acts as your public encryption code. You can verify the identity of your friends, family members, and coworkers digitally or in person by scanning their contact cards. This will help you build your trust network.

Semaphor offers several service levels. Basic is free for a 30-day history, collaboration and direct messaging.

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Whats New

Version 2.2.0:

New Features:
  • Add notice for data storage
  • Updated styling
  • Removed URIs
  • Update device OS/version identification code
  • Upload all file types from Android
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Android attachment error
  • Fixed back-button Android corner cases
  • Mobile rendering improvements
  • Large screen improvements
  • Channel switcher improvements
  • Channel search improvements
  • Fixed channel selection error when adding team members
  • Fixed multiple activation in team/channel creation
  • Fixed broken channel view after leaving team
  • Team switcher improvements
  • Fixed avatar change not working
  • Fixed input context menu not appearing when spellcheck is unavailable
  • Dialog improvements
  • Autocomplete improvements
  • Fixed devices sort order
  • Fixed About dialogue
  • Scrolling improvements
  • Fixed code injection in Markdown URL parsing
  • Fixed HTML injection in editor mention tag
  • Added page reload mitigation for desktop
  • Confirmation code improvements
  • Update Electron to disable its executable stack
  • Adjusted pattern matching so that display names will be highlighted in a message even when it’s adjacent to a non-word character