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v 5.4.0
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About Screen Snapshot For MAC

iSnapshot can be used to take quick and efficient screenshots. It can do all the functions of snapshot management, annotation, exporting, and exporting. It makes it easy to quickly create various types of software tutorials and instruction.

There are four types of screenshots:
  • Full screen mode: Only with a custom shortcut, all content on full-screen will be retained.
  • Window mode: The user can take a screenshot by simply moving the cursor to the target windows and then clicking one left-click.
  • Custom selection mode: The user can move the cursor to select a target area and zoom in to capture more details during the dragging.
  • Delay mode: The user can set the delay setting to make the software automatically take the screenshot. This mode allows users to capture the popup menu depending on their operation.

There are many options for customizing the interface to address user-friendly concerns, such as: You can create custom shortcuts, delay settings, capture window shade, and capture the current cursor. It allows for seamless copy and paste between different applications.

Tutorials are a complicated task that requires a lot of resources. Software management is available to help you better manage your resources. Software management allows you to access all past snapshots and makes it easy to search, browse, delete, batch export, etc. Quick preview allows users to see the actual export effect and saves them time. It also increases browsing efficiency.

It supports many picture formats, including JPEG2000 and PNG, GIF, GIF, BMP and TIFF, for exporting/batch-exporting.

Snapshot notes feature allows users to add notes and information to the snapshots to improve understanding.

  • Support text tool, add/edit/delete etc.
  • Support cutout tool, customize all kinds of cutout formats
  • Support shape tool allows you to add various shapes such as squares and ovals, etc. It also supports custom/self-drawing.
  • Support mask tool, various colors for different purposes
  • Support line tool, set all line types, including dashed line, solid line, dotted line, dotted dashed lines etc.
  • Support arrow tool, allow you to set different arrow types. -Support snapshot filter function. It combines brightness and contrast adjustment, and can be used with dozens of effects, including Templerature or Tint.
  • Support un-do and support re-do.
  • Multi-glyph alignment, move,copy, etc.

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Whats New

Version 5.4.0:

  • Fixed the problem of multi-screen capture
  • Support M1
  • Fixed some minor bugs