ScamZapper for MAC

v 2.1.2
Category  Browsers Plugins

ScamZapper mac screenshot NaNScamZapper mac screenshot NaNScamZapper mac screenshot NaNScamZapper mac screenshot NaN

About ScamZapper For MAC

ScamZapper allows you to install our Safari extension. Once the application is installed, you can run it again to report a scam website or to get rid of a popup that ScamZapper hasn't caught.

The ScamZapper extension targets one type of pop-up: it is the worst. These pop-ups will claim that your computer is infected by a virus and that you should call a number to get assistance. It's awful enough. However, you can't close the pop-ups as they lock your browser. ScamZapper blocks pages from loading and is updated as scammers register new domains.

If you have a pop-up that isn't going away and isn't in ScamZapper’s database, you can simply run the application and select "TroubleshootPop-up." ScamZapper will then run a series of automated troubleshooting steps for getting rid of it.

Download ScamZapper For MAC

Whats New

Version 2.1.2:

  • Fixes an issue where certain information was not relayed when reporting a scam site
  • Updates the database of scam pop-ups