Rowmote Helper for MAC

v 4.2.4
Category  System Utilities

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About Rowmote Helper For MAC

Rowmote works just like your Mac's remote but over a wireless network. You can toggle the iTunes Visualizer and switch between the most popular programs by tapping the Apps button. Rowmote controls Front Row. Ecoute, Firefox, Hulu Desktop and iPhoto are all supported by Hulu Desktop. Rowmote can even wake up your computer from sleep!

Rowmote Pro is a wireless multitouch touchpad/keyboard that adds landscape mode, two-finger scrolling and right-clicking, dragging, accented/extended character support, and much more to the powerful remote control of Rowmote. Rowmote Pro eliminates the need to have a separate mouse and keyboard to fully control your Mac.

iOS app to remote access

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Whats New

Version 4.2.4:

  • Improved prompts for accessibility access, which is required to control most applications
  • Improved AirPlay Mirroring and volume control on macOS Big Sur
  • Fixed synchronization of mute status on macOS Big Sur
  • Fixed a bug causing a blank window to appear on launch for some users
  • Added a menu bar status item
  • Enabled App Sandboxing for improved security