RemoterFusion for MAC

v 0.9.90
Category  System Utilities

RemoterFusion mac screenshot NaNRemoterFusion mac screenshot NaN

About RemoterFusion For MAC

RemoterFusion makes it easier to set up and adds audio redirection to Remoter users.

Remoter is the ideal solution if you have a compatible router that supports UPnP/NATMPMP. Remoter VNC 3.0 (or higher) for iOS or Remoter 1.0.0 for Mac are available.

RemoterFusion protects your privacy. All traffic from RemoterFusion is encrypted. RemoterFusion is best for iOS users who have UPnP/NAT-PMP enabled. Modern home routers support it, but not all. Refer to your router manual.

Download RemoterFusion For MAC

Whats New

Version 0.9.90:

  • New icons (main and menu bar)
  • Using HockeyApp for crash reporting / sparkle
  • Internal code cleanup
  • Updates for upcoming versions of Remoter:
    • Pasteboard (Clipboard) synchronization
    • Heartbeat system
    • Fixed multimonitor support for Remoter iOS and Mac