Rectangle for MAC

v 0.48
Category  System Utilities

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About Rectangle For MAC

Rectangle has become the new standard for Window Manager apps. Use keyboard shortcuts to move and resize windows and snap areas.

  • Open Source and Always Free!
  • A complete list of window actions available.
  • All the areas that you need for window snapping - corners and edges to fit halves, quarters and thirds, as well as full screen.
  • Privacy. Privacy.

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Whats New

Version 0.48:

  • Added the ability to move the cursor along with the window when moving across displays, along with a toggle for it in the preferences window.
  • Added commands for first & last 3/4 (thanks Björn Orri!)
  • Fixed a bug where window size cycling was not getting reset if you moved the window and restore window size when unsnapping was not checked.
  • The "specified" command now accepts a percentage of the display rather than just absolute sizes when you set a value between 0 & 1
  • Config export will now populate the filename as "RectangleConfig.json"