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About RBrowser For MAC

RBrowser allows you to easily manage FTP - SFTP remote files, file transfer, and folder synchronization. It allows you to access files on both the local host and remote UNIX systems via a simple graphical interface. RBrowser allows secure file transfers and folder sync, which preserve HFS metadata. You can easily maintain your Web pages and sync changes with one click. Use the folder-sync engine within RBrowser to backup your important files!

RBrowser is now free! License: User: rbrowser
License key: 2fn0-8otn-tcz9-k479-yll7-xrw3-knj

  • Folder sync: local-to–local or local-to–remote using any protocol Fork/type/creator data will be preserved if folder sync's target Mac is remote or local with ssh acces.
  • Retains fork data and type/creator attributes from Mac-to-Mac transfer.
  • Remote host can be automatically detected by RBrowser.
  • It is definitely faster in all operations and protocols.
  • Protocol independent transfers - Remote-to-remote transfer between any host.
  • Intelligent combining of SSH/SFTP for optimal performance - you no longer have to choose which protocol is best for file operations or transfer. RBrowser's intelligent sftp/ssh protocol layer automatically selects the best tool for the job.

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Note: Please use the registration info found in the "Description" above to license the application.

  • RBrowser is free and unsupported. After installation, the first launch will trigger a warning about an unidentified developer. In the Preferences App/Security tab you can give permission for RBrowser to run.