qView for MAC

v 4.0
Category  Photography

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About qView For MAC

qView an image viewer that is minimalistic and easy to use. A viewer for image viewing. There are no toolbars or distractions. Pure space efficiency.

Simply beautiful

qView was created from the beginning to be visually minimal and as space-efficient as possible. There is no clutter, just your image with a titlebar.

Lightweight and fast

qView doesn't require you to wait to view an image. It opens almost instantly and switches images in a matter of seconds. This is all while using very little memory and CPU.


Minimalism doesn't need to be compromised with features like animated GIF controls and file history.

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Whats New

Version 4.0:

New features:
  • Integrate native cocoa components on macOS for a more native-like experience, as well as just working on the macOS experience in general
  • Add rename function
  • Include support for .heif, .avif, and .apng images
  • Extra titlebar mode that shows only the image name and the position in the folder
  • Opt-in update notification system that works right after the program starts
  • Add randomized sort option
  • You can now close a window with Ctrl/⌘+W
  • Text in the file info dialog is now selectable
  • Added configurable minimum size for "window matches image size" option
  • Improved error messages
  • Add icons to recents menu
  • Fix weird titlebar vibrancy on macOS
  • Fix image not filling window properly with titlebar enabled
  • Fixed window position issue with vertical monitor setups
  • Fixed fullscreen causing window size to reset
  • Fixed various bugs with recents, shortcuts, and options due to a massive refactoring project to hopefully make maintenance easier in the future
  • Fix awful hi-dpi sizing
  • Fix bug with opening images from Finder replacing currently open images on macOS
  • Distribution changes:
  • Distribute Appimages for Linux through a new CI pipeline
  • Distribute build for legacy OS X 10.10+
  • Include symbolic icon on linux (for GNOME, primarily)
  • Include appdata manifest on linux