Quicksilver for MAC

v 1.6.1
Category  System Utilities

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About Quicksilver For MAC

Quicksilver allows you to control your Mac using keystrokes.

Quicksilver makes it easy to quickly find what you need and then take action as you wish. All this is done by simply tapping the keyboard. For example, to locate an application hidden in your file system, activate Quicksilver by pressing a keystroke. Type a few letters of its name, hit Return or Enter, or tab and type to find actions such as Quit or Trash, Email to ..., Login, Move to ..., Get Information, Reveal.

Quicksilver indexes only selected parts of your hard drive and places them in the Catalog. This allows it to quickly locate and display items that match your search. Quicksilver's modular structure allows for interaction with many other applications, such as 1Password, Safari and Microsoft Office.

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Whats New

Version 1.6.1:

  • A new preference has been added to Extras that controls the number of items kept in Quicksilver’s history (#2490)
  • Index /System/Applications by default (#2510)
  • Changed
  • Several in-application links have been updated (#2486)
  • Update the internal list of top-level domains (#2493)
  • Touch Bar code won’t be called on older versions of macOS (#2460, #2463)
  • Additional tweaks for the default string ranker (#2481)
  • Small fixes to eliminate some warnings (#2477)
  • Updated code for alerts (#2477)
  • Include the license with the code (#2498)
  • Random trigger delays (#2482, #2500)
  • Fix some crashes under Catalina (#2503, #2497)
  • Rescan Recent Applications and Recent Documents when changed (#2451, #2515)
  • Fix a crash when using Large Type (#2511, #2521)
  • Update internal version of Python-Markdown to 2.6.11 (#2480)
  • Change the encoding for Thai localization files (#2487)
  • Add a cachedProxyTarget method to find out what a proxy object last pointed to without resolving it again (#2489)
  • Start the transition to NSRunningApplication (#2500)
  • Cleaned up some clipboard code (#2499)
  • Set the SDK to macOS 10.13 for now. You can copy or symlink it from Xcode 9.