Qucs for MAC

v 0.0.19
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About Qucs For MAC

Qucs It is an integrated circuit simulator that allows you to set up a circuit using a graphical user interface (GUI), and simulate its large-signal, small signal, and noise behaviour. Once the simulation is complete, you can view the results on a presentation page.

Qucs stands for Quite Universal Circuit Simulator. It is a circuit simulator that uses a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI is built on Qt(r), by Trolltech(r). The software supports all types of circuit simulation types, such as. DC, AC and S-parameter are supported.

The simulation backend is Qucsator. It simulates command-line circuits. It accepts a network list of a particular format as input and outputs Qucs data. It was programmed for use in the Qucs project, but can also be used by other applications. We were currently working on the GUI and some basic simulation features. There is now a user interface that allows you to set up schematics and present simulation results in different types of diagrams. You can do DC, AC, S,parameter, noise, and transient analysis. There are also mathematical equations and the use of a subcircuit tree hierarchy. However, there is still a lot to do and we are looking for people to help us.

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Whats New

Version 0.0.19:

  • Command line to save schematic as image (png, svg, pdf)
  • Add component MutualX
  • Enable anti-aliasing, provide it as option
  • Add search file on component dock
  • Add recently opened menu
  • Enable use of QUCSATOR environment variable to override qucsator
  • Update translations for various languages
  • Fix diagram color picker button
  • Fix zoom in a box
  • Fix rendering of component text properties
  • Fix crash when loading timingdiagram
  • Refactor text search dialog
  • Correct simulator process exit check
  • Refactor project manager
  • Deprecated use of HOME environment variable
  • Fix bug on deactivation (short-circuiting) a component
  • Various usability enhancements
    • Adjust various dialogs for a better table sizing
    • Results of Optimization dialog can be copied to clipboard and pasted as an Equation
    • Fix usage of font metrics in the schematic
    • Fix handling of simulation messages in case a simulation is aborted
    • Add QT3_WARNINGS to serve as a reminder of which Qt3 stuff still needs removal.
  • Redesigned About dialog
  • Fix context menu texts when pressed over toolbar
  • Fix crash when using DC bias annotation with a simulation sweep
  • Selection of a wire label would change the font elsewhere in the schematic
  • Fix crash when changing background color
  • Changing in Qucs Home no longer requires a restart
  • Fix the "Open recent Files" which was not updated after save-as
  • Fix issue that allowed to create projects with an empty name
  • Update authors and date in the About dialog
  • Remove non-GPL Verilog-AMS models: HICUM, BSIM, FBH_HBT
  • Fix typo in Voltage Controlled Resistor
  • Fix keypad up/down on component dialog
  • Fix crash when reloading Verilog-A symbols
  • Fix matching circuit tool number conversion
  • Fix the handling of project names containing _prj in them
  • Remove usage of LANGUAGEDIR, LIBRARYDIR variables
  • Enable loading unknown components, add sub-circuit place hoder
  • Fix "Export as image" behavior that was clipping markers on selected diagrams
  • Improve handling of Octave
  • removal of hardcoded path
  • override environment variable renamed from OCTAVEBINDIR to QUCS_OCTAVE
  • Fix "Move Up/Down" buttons greyed out in the equation property window
  • Fix Component search selecting wrong component
  • Fix cross-hair behavior of insert wire mode, related to zoom/scrool and RMB click