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v 3.10.0
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About Python For MAC

Python is a versatile, dynamic, interpreted and general-purpose language. It is one the most in-demand and popular languages of today. Python supports many programming techniques, including procedural and object-oriented programming.

  • Python is a great choice for beginners.
  • Python programming on Mac is simple. It is easy to use because it is based upon a high-level language.
  • Python for Mac is very developer-friendly. It has a simple syntax that is elegant and easy to understand.
  • With Python's interactive mode, you can program on your Macbook easily. This allows you to quickly test small snippets of code, and interact directly with the interpreter to create your programs.
  • Python is a dynamically typed programming language. This means that you don’t need to declare the type variable, as it is determined at run-time and not in advance.

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Whats New

Version 3.10.0:

Full release notes are available here

Core and Builtins
  • bpo-45121: Fix issue where Protocol.__init__ raises RecursionError when it’s called directly or via super(). Patch provided by Yurii Karabas.
  • bpo-45234: Fixed a regression in copyfile(), copy(), copy2() raising FileNotFoundError when source is a directory, which should raise IsADirectoryError