Punakea for MAC

v 1.3.1
Category  System Utilities

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About Punakea For MAC

Punakea This app is designed to help you manage your files. It was created to complement Spotlight and allows you to tag files and bookmarks. This frees you from the rigid hierarchy of the Finder's directory structure.

A tag is a keyword. You can group files that have a common theme with tags. You can assign as many tags to each file as you like.

It's easy to access with its sidebar. Drag and drop is all that's required. The tag cloud allows you to see all of your tags in one place.

Additional features

  • Global hotkey to invoke tagger
  • Automated management of your files on your harddisk
  • Import your folder structure to tags
  • Integrated with all major OS X browsers for tagging your bookmarks
  • Spotlight is a search engine that allows you to find tags
  • Filter your tags based on file type
  • Compatible with all OpenMeta tagging applications

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Whats New

Version 1.3.1:

  • Fixed Open With menu when in thumbnail view
  • Fixed crash when clicking on menubar item