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v 2020.2.5
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About PsychoPy For MAC

PsychoPy allows you to run a wide variety of experiments in the behavioral sciences (neurosciences, psychology, psychophysics and linguistics ...) This package is free and cross-platform. It is a community project. All source code is available to users. Users are the developers. Users support one another
We are strong supporters of open-source and Open Science. We will encourage and facilitate it wherever we can.

It's easy enough to teach

PsychoPy is used by universities around the world to teach students about experiments.

  • You can create a wide range of studies with the intuitive Builder interface
  • Textbooks suitable for professional and undergraduate audiences
  • There are many other resources available for teaching and learning, such as Youtube tutorials, online tutorials, and workshops
  • You can access the Pavlovia repository for shared experiments directly from the application (requires PsychologyPy3) to search and share your studies
For psychophysics, it is sufficient to be precise

Hardware-accelerated graphics, best in class timing, and calibration instruments built in

  • Amazing timing precision (see the timing megastudy for comparisons).
  • Time to update your stimuli on every screen refresh!
  • Tools to monitor calibration and a wide range of units
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics for stimuli that are easily updated on the fly
  • Access to button boxes when you require the highest precision
  • Automated logging for you to see what happened and when
  • OpenGL (and shaders), are ready to be used when you have low-level graphics access
Flexible enough to handle everything else

PsychoPy is great at:

  • Dynamic, interactive studies: Get rid of static stimuli! Every screen refresh can allow you to update your stimulus interactively!
  • Neuroimaging: Send and Receive Triggers to Your Hardware at Exactly the Right Times
  • Eye-tracking: Access a wide range of hardware (eyetrackers, button boxes and trigger systems ...)).

You can conduct your study online, so that users can access it from anywhere.
PsychoPy3 added the facility to run studies online using a high-performance, hardware-accelerated, port of the PsychoPy Python library

  • Export your Builder experiment to a webpage
  • PsychoPy is the only package that has a reaction time precision of less than 4 ms online.
  • Just like on the desktop, update your stimulus for every frame!
  • Send it to (using the easy tools in the PsychoPy app).
  • Give participants your URL so they can access your study from their browsers!
  • You can recruit participants using Sona or Prolific, Mechanical Turk, or similar systems

Download PsychoPy For MAC

Whats New

  • Now code-signing the installer on Windows as well as macOS
  • Failing to send print statements to output, depending on how PsychoPy was launched commit:4773ec32d Only occured if you launch by double-clicking file or if you close Runner
  • Coder crashing on macOS when using editor with autocomplete=True commit:687e81dfb
  • ioHub fix for unicode strings commit:5451ea49a
  • Marker color on RatingScale was not resetting (but use Slider anyway!)
  • Runner sometimes ran wrong script (and never knew which to stop). Now better tracking of running process
  • Slider not honoring the order from the Routine (should render in order from top down) commit:9e0299544
  • JavaScript Code Components for Before Experiment were having no effect
  • error with trying to poll() on a script process that was NoneType commit:cc56713cc
  • Editable textboxes were still able to be drawn if you clicked on them (even when they were not told to draw()) commit:8253f0696
  • warn against using global JS names in experiment
  • Brush not being reset in JavaScript commit:88812c3bd
  • Movie reset issue
  • countinueRoutine=False had no effect for online studies if in Begin Routine block
  • errors that should have appeared in the console were sometimes appearing in the (app) error dialog commit:d44f24d63
  • more tolerant of whitespace in Emotiv Client ID file
  • Runner AddTask dialog had wrong format for file filter
  • Sound volume attribute was having no effect on the PTB backend
  • Fixed fill/line colors of TextBox
  • Error in JavaScript code when Movie Component had blank stop time commit:0b4ddcffc
  • Better handling of stdout encodings when console not set to utf-8 encoding commit:d77535906
  • Improved Resources box for the online (using relative references commit:c9558bfd8 and resize with dialog commit:d607271db)
  • JavaScript code-conversion now uses our own built-in round() function mimicking the same function in Python commit:da426d9e3