Pro Versioner for MAC

v 2.1.6
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About Pro Versioner For MAC

Note that Pro Versioner was discontinued but is still available for downloading

Pro versioner (formerly FCP Versioner), is a comprehensive backup and versioning tool that can be used to protect your project, event, and bin files. It saves your files and creates a backup. This is a great way to keep track of all versions.

  • Versioning Pro Versioner backs your project file every time you save. This allows you to restore an older version of your project file, unlike regular autosave.
  • Annotations: Differentiate backups with annotations from screenshots.
  • Backup Management: Comprehensive backup management options allow you to have maximum control over your disk usage.
  • Cloud Synchro - Automatically sync backups to Dropbox to protect your data from theft, fire, or hard drive failure.
  • Peace Of Mind - The background version of Pro Versioner automatically manages your project backups to protect your data.

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Whats New

Version 2.1.6:

  • Pro Versioner has been discontinued. While there will be no further updates to the software, it is operational and can still continue to be used.
  • This update removes the registration code so the software will freely function without the need for a license.
  • It also removes Dropbox sync functionality for compatibility reasons. However, Dropbox can continue to be used by choosing your Dropbox folder as the backup destination.