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v 0062
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About PrinterSetup For MAC

PrinterSetup allows you to set up your printers in a flexible and open-source manner. This release was made available for system administrators and Unix-savvy users who use CUPS on OS X. Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.

This is an addition to Bonjour print queue management. To control printer queues, you can use a combination of user, location, and time. There is very little documentation. The prototyping phase of software is underway. Your input is welcome. Additional information about PrinterSetup is available at the official website.

PrinterSetup scripts are available which:

  • All jobs in print queues can be cancelled
  • Start all print queues.

Screencasts can be accessed from the PrinterSetup website. It is hoped that the system will evolve and become a cross-platform print queue setup tool. PrinterSetup is part PrintingWorks, an open-source print-accounting software.

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Whats New

Version 0062:

  • Bug fix relating to 10.15 printer package build system for default printers