PostgreSQL for MAC

v 14.0-1
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PostgreSQL mac screenshot NaNPostgreSQL mac screenshot NaNPostgreSQL mac screenshot NaNPostgreSQL mac screenshot NaNPostgreSQL mac screenshot NaNPostgreSQL mac screenshot NaNPostgreSQL mac screenshot NaN

About PostgreSQL For MAC

PostgreSQL is a set of graphical tools that can be used to manage and use PostgreSQL servers. It can also be installed on any Mac running OS X 10.5.x.

The package also includes the PGSQLKit framework. This open-source framework allows developers to harness the power of PostgreSQL for their own applications.

PostgreSQL is now feature-complete after many years of development. This release shows a targeted approach for adding features (e.g. monitoring, authentication, space reuse) and also adds capabilities that were defined in the later SQL standards.

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Whats New

Version 14.0-1:

  • User-defined objects that reference certain built-in array functions along with their argument types must be recreated (Tom Lane)
  • Specifically, array_append(), array_prepend(), array_cat(), array_position(), array_positions(), array_remove(), array_replace(), and width_bucket() used to take anyarray arguments but now take anycompatiblearray. Therefore, user-defined objects like aggregates and operators that reference those array function signatures must be dropped before upgrading, and recreated once the upgrade completes.
  • Remove deprecated containment operators @ and ~ for built-in geometric data types and contrib modules cube, hstore, intarray, and seg (Justin Pryzby)
  • The more consistently named have been recommended for many years.
  • Fix to_tsquery() and websearch_to_tsquery() to properly parse query text containing discarded tokens (Alexander Korotkov)
  • Certain discarded tokens, like underscore, caused the output of these functions to produce incorrect tsquery output, e.g., both websearch_to_tsquery('"pg_class pg"') and to_tsquery('pg_class pg') used to output ( 'pg' & 'class' ) 'pg', but now both output 'pg' 'class' 'pg'.
  • Fix websearch_to_tsquery() to properly parse multiple adjacent discarded tokens in quotes (Alexander Korotkov)
  • Previously, quoted text that contained multiple adjacent discarded tokens was treated as multiple tokens, causing incorrect tsquery output, e.g., websearch_to_tsquery('"aaa: bbb"') used to output 'aaa' 'bbb', but now outputs 'aaa' 'bbb'.
  • Change EXTRACT() to return type numeric instead of float8 (Peter Eisentraut)
  • This avoids loss-of-precision issues in some usages. The old behavior can still be obtained by using the old underlying function date_part().
  • Also, EXTRACT(date) now throws an error for units that are not part of the date data type.
  • Change var_samp() and stddev_samp() with numeric parameters to return NULL when the input is a single NaN value (Tom Lane)
  • Previously NaN was returned.
  • Return false for has_column_privilege() checks on non-existent or dropped columns when using attribute numbers (Joe Conway)
  • Previously such attribute numbers returned an invalid-column error.
  • Fix handling of infinite window function ranges (Tom Lane)
  • Previously window frame clauses like 'inf' PRECEDING AND 'inf' FOLLOWING returned incorrect results.
  • Remove factorial operators ! and !!, as well as function numeric_fac() (Mark Dilger)
  • The factorial() function is still supported.
  • Disallow factorial() of negative numbers (Peter Eisentraut)
  • Previously such cases returned 1.
  • Remove support for postfix (right-unary) operators (Mark Dilger)
  • pg_dump and pg_upgrade will warn if postfix operators are being dumped.
  • Allow D and W shorthands to match newlines in regular expression newline-sensitive mode (Tom Lane)
  • Previously they did not match newlines in this mode, but that disagrees with the behavior of other common regular expression engines. [^[:digit:]] or [^[:word:]] can be used to get the old behavior.
  • Disregard constraints when matching regular expression back-references (Tom Lane)
  • For example, in (^d+).*1, the ^ constraint should be applied at the start of the string, but not when matching 1.
  • Disallow w as a range start or end in regular expression character classes (Tom Lane)
  • This previously was allowed but produced unexpected results.
  • Require custom server parameter names to use only characters that are valid in unquoted SQL identifiers (Tom Lane)
  • Change the default of the password_encryption server parameter to scram-sha-256 (Peter Eisentraut)
  • Previously it was md5. All new passwords will be stored as SHA256 unless this server setting is changed or the password is specified in MD5 format. Also, the legacy (and undocumented) Boolean-like values which were previously synonyms for md5 are no longer accepted.
  • Remove server parameter vacuum_cleanup_index_scale_factor (Peter Geoghegan)
  • This setting was ignored starting in PostgreSQL version 13.3.
  • Remove server parameter operator_precedence_warning (Tom Lane)
  • This setting was used for warning applications about PostgreSQL 9.5 changes.
  • Overhaul the specification of clientcert in pg_hba.conf (Kyotaro Horiguchi)
  • Values 1/0/no-verify are no longer supported; only the strings verify-ca and verify-full can be used. Also, disallow verify-ca if cert authentication is enabled since cert requires verify-full checking.
  • Remove support for SSL compression (Daniel Gustafsson, Michael Paquier)
  • This was already disabled by default in previous PostgreSQL releases, and most modern OpenSSL and TLS versions no longer support it.
  • Remove server and libpq support for the version 2 wire protocol (Heikki Linnakangas)
  • This was last used as the default in PostgreSQL 7.3 (released in 2002).
  • Disallow single-quoting of the language name in the CREATE/DROP LANGUAGE command (Peter Eisentraut)
  • Remove the composite types that were formerly created for sequences and toast tables (Tom Lane)
  • Process doubled quote marks in ecpg SQL command strings correctly (Tom Lane)
  • Previously 'abc''def' was passed to the server as 'abc'def', and "abc""def" was passed as "abc"def", causing syntax errors.
  • Prevent the containment operators () for intarray from using GiST indexes (Tom Lane)
  • Previously a full GiST index scan was required, so just avoid that and scan the heap, which is faster. Indexes created for this purpose should be removed.
  • Remove contrib program pg_standby (Justin Pryzby)
  • Prevent tablefunc's function normal_rand() from accepting negative values (Ashutosh Bapat)
  • Negative values produced undesirable results.