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v 5.3
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About Platypus For MAC

Platypus allows you to create native Mac applications using interpreted scripts, such as Perl or shell scripts. This is done by wrapping the script within an application bundle directory structure and a script executable binary.

Platypus makes it simple to share scripts with others who are not familiar with the command-line interface. With just a few clicks, native user-friendly apps can be created. Platypus makes it easy to create maintenance apps, installers, login items and status menu items, launchers as well as automations, droplets, automations, and automations. Platypus is open-source software that is free and available under the BSD License.

Here are some of the many features Platypus offers:

  • Supports shell scripts, Perl and Python, PHP, Ruby and Swift, Expect, Tcl and any other user-specified interpreter
  • Apple Security Framework allows you to execute scripts with root privileges
  • Can display graphical feedback on script execution in the form of progress bar, text window, script output, droplet or WebKit HTML rendering.
  • Supports drag-and-drop files and text snippets. These are then passed to scripts as arguments.
  • Can you create applications that handle URI schemes
  • Can you create applications that run in background (LSUIElement).
  • Choose from presets or set your own icon
  • Set app's associated files types, identifiers, version, author, and so on.
  • Graphical interface to bundle support files with script
  • Automation tool via command line
  • "Profiles" can be used for saving configurations
  • Built-in script editor or linking with an external editor of your choice
  • You will find extensive documentation and many examples to help get you started.

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Whats New

Version 5.3:

  • First facelift in a decade: New application icons created by Drífa Líftóra
  • Updated to support Mojave Dark Mode
  • Added AWK, JavaScript and Node interpreter presets
  • Added "REFRESH" command that clears text output buffer
  • Added "DISABLED" menu item syntax for status menu interface
  • Platypus and its command line tool binary are now code-signed. Generated applications remain unsigned, for obvious reasons
  • Windows of generated applications are now larger, and centered on first launch
  • Apps now try to make script executable (+x) on launch This may resolve certain issues with launching generated apps stored on network-mounted volumes
  • Added Open With menu for items in Bundled Files list
  • Fixed bug where Platypus would generate broken custom icns files from images
  • Fixed buggy Uniform Type Identifier validation in command line tool
  • Platypus now validates default bundle identifier in Preferences
  • Removed broken System Profiler example
  • Removed XML plist format feature
  • Documentation overhauled, partially rewritten and moved to Markdown format
  • An assortment of minor bug fixes
  • Various minor interface improvements
  • Reduced size of generated app binaries
  • Now requires macOS 10.8 or later