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v 3.0.2
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About PixelConduit For MAC

PixelConduit Realtime video effects and graphics composition tool for Mac.

It's the "Swiss Army Knife" of visual effects, live-video processing, and video processing. PixelConduit's design is optimized for high color precision and realtime performance. PixelConduit's flexible user interface and extensive extension possibilities make it easy to use in any video situation, including live effects, dynamic installations, and post-production work such as compositing or workflow automation.

PixelConduit supports over 90 image-processing operations. The Conduit Effect System is a powerful, node-based user interface that allows you to combine all the built-in tools, such as the blue/green screen keyers and various color correction tools, with no limitations.

Conduit Effect System's unique node-joining capability fuses complex effects together, so they can all be rendered on one computer's GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This allows visual effects and composites to be rendered in realtime, even when using HD/2K+ sources. It's possible to mix NTSC and PAL sources, as well as HD, without any limitations on frame rate or resolution.

PixelConduit's extensive support for file formats includes image sequences as well as pro formats such raw YUV and Cineon/DPX at any depths, OpenEXR...

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Whats New

Version 3.0.2:

  • New node widget: MIDI Output. This node widget allows you to send controller data to a MIDI device. The input can be any values within the PixelConduit project.
  • New node widget: Convert Video Pixel To Value. This is like an eydropper tool: it "picks" a pixel value within the input image, and outputs number values that you can feed to other node widgets. For example, you could use the pixel value within a video to control the intensity of a visual effect, to drive a hardware controller (e.g. with MIDI Output), etc.
  • Many improvements and fixes to MIDI control in the Sliders and Controls window. There is now a log display in the Setup window that shows the received data from the device, which helps in troubleshooting MIDI problems.
  • Fixed issue with the Web Video Server node widget where the stream produced by the server would not view correctly in Safari 6 (and other browsers that use Mac’s built-in WebKit framework).